Atlas Peak

To the east of the imposing Stags Leap palisades lies the quiet Napa wine country mountain appellation of Atlas Peak. Blessed with sunny yet relatively cooler days, virtually all of the Atlas Peak AVA receives full sunlight throughout the day, cooling off in the afternoon with winds from the San Francisco Bay.

The Atlas Peak district shares many attributes with Stags Leap to the west particularly in regards to its rocky volcanic and alluvial soils (the product of erosion and out-flow from the Vaca Mountains). The climate at Atlas Peak is typical warm Napa wine country highlands, but with enough cooling influence from the nearby river and bay to keep the Chardonnay crisp and never over-ripe. Other principle varietals of Atlas Peak include Cabernet Sauvignon. Atlas Peak wine region holds a low diurnal change; summer temperatures rarely reach above 90°F (32.2°C). This produces rich and bold tannin Cabernet Sauvignon with concentrated fruit flavors.

Atlas Peak Wineries

  • Ardente Espressione
  • 707.226.7669
  • Not open to public
  • Astrale e Terra
  • 707.255.1134
  • Not open to public
  • Atlas Peak
  • 707 226 1094
  • Not open to public
  • Bialla Vineyards
  • 415.713.4517 or 415.606.6629
  • By Appointment Only
  • Cobblestone Vineyards
  • 310.473.8054
  • Not open to public
  • Dos Lagos Vineyards
  • 707-224-8278 or 415.816.3016
  • Not open to public
  • Hill Family Estate
  • (707) 287-0932
  • Open to Public
  • Krupp Brothers Estates
  • 707.226.2215
  • Open to Public
  • Rivera Vineyards
  • 925.943.1111
  • Not open to public
  • Vin Roc Wine Caves
  • 707.265.0943
  • By Appointment Only