Wild Horse Valley

Tucked away in a remote southeastern corner of Napa Valley, Wild Horse Valley is an atypical highland appellation. Dotted with lakes, this small rugged Napa wine country district on the Solano county line lies in Napa wine country's eastern Vaca range. Wild Horse Valley's southerly position and close proximity to the Napa River estuary ensure constant exposure to marine influence resulting in a cooler microclimate. The gravelly composition of the Vaca range's alluvial outpourings ensures well-drained soils for the grapes of the Wild Horse Valley. The combination of climate and soil in Wild Horse Valley makes for hard working, slow ripening vines, of complex Chardonnay and Pinot Noir both bursting with fruit.

Wild Horse Valley Wineries

  • Heron Lake Winery
  • 707-287-2870
  • By Appointment Only