Sonoma Valley

The Sonoma Valley is the oldest wine-producing district in the California Wine Country. In 1823, Franciscan Monk, Father Jose Altimira planted the first vineyards in Sonoma Valley at the Mission San Francisco Solano. And in 1857, the first commercial winery (Buena Vista Winery) in California was founded.

Sonoma Valley is also referred to the Valley of the Moon and located in the southern portion of Sonoma County, flanked by two mountain ranges: The Mayacamas Mountains to the east and Sonoma Mountains to the West. Viticulture (and the accompanying California wine tours and wine tasting) is the main economic lifeblood of the county. There is over 14,000 acres of vine planted in the Sonoma Valley AVA.

Sonoma Valley terroir is varied, fertile & loamy soil reside near the valley floor, where higher elevations have rockier and well-drained soil compositions. The Sonoma Mountain range protects the valley from excessive rainfall and cool air blows up from San Pablo Bay creating a mild micro-climate, creating longer hang time which is great for complex wines.